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26 Okt

Yearbook Armored Vehicles of the Modern German Army 2018

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After nearly one year of preparation with numerous photo shoots and many hours of researching, the first Tankograd-YEARBOOK will hit the shelves of the book shops soon.

The Tankograd-YEARBOOK provides an overview over the in-service armored vehicles of the Modern German Army and updates Tankograd‘s vehicle monographs published over the past years by describing and listing all main types, their variants, showing technical data of the basic variant and all quantities in service.

This YEARBOOK was only possible due to the great support and trust provided by the German Army Command and many Bundeswehr units.

We feel very honored that the Commander Operations and Deputy Chief of Staff of the German Army, Lieutenant General Carsten Jacobson, provided the foreword for this publication.

24 Okt

Panzer Task Force – Handover to 1st Armored Division Commanding General

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Yesterday Ralph Zwilling of and Daniel Nowak of M&N Pictures had the geat honor to hand over the new books „Panzer Task Force“ about the exercise Heidesturm 2017 of the 9th Armor Demonstration Brigade and „Armored Brigade Combat Team – The exercises of the European Activity Set in Germany“ to Major General Markus Laubenthal, Commanding General of the German 1st Armored Division, and Dr. Dieter Behrends, First Chairman of the Circle of Friends of 33rd Armored Infantry Battalion.

19 Okt

Leopard 2A6 / 2A6M / 2A6M+ – Handover to 104th Armor Battalion Commanding Officer and Command Sergeant Major

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Today I had the great honor to handover my new book about the Bundeswehr Leopard 2A6 / 2A6M / 2A6M+ Main Battle Tank to the Commanding Officer of 104th Armor Battalion, Oberstleutnant Stefan Reiße, and my friend Stabsfeldwebel Jens Riesmann, the Command Sergeant Major of 1st Company, 104th Armor Battalion, in Pfreimd.

I would like to thank them very much for their great and continous support and trust which were fundamental for writing this book. I am looking forward to working with 104th Armor Battalion in future and to cover their upcoming Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP) mission in Germany and abroad.

14 Okt

JDVD – Informationslehrübung Land Operationen 2017

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On 13 October 2017 was invited to the Joint Distinguished Visitor Day (JDVD) of the Information and Demonstration Exercise Land Operations 2017 of the German Army in Munster

14 Okt

Weapons and Major Items of Equipment of the German Army

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Recently supported the German Bundeswehr with providing numerous high quality photos for the new publication „Weapons and Major Items of Equipment of the German Army“.

01 Okt

Schützenpanzer Puma – Ausbildungszentrum Munster

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Recently visited the 2nd Training Department of the German Army Training Center in Munster for taking photos of the Puma Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle during the New Equipment Training (NET).