BW – ATF Dingo 2 GE A2.1 CG-11

Dingo 2 GE A2.1 CG-11 (1)
Dingo 2 GE A2.1 CG-11 (2)
Dingo 2 GE A2.1 CG-11 (4)
Dingo 2 GE A2.1 CG-11 (3)

ATF Dingo 2 GE A2.1 with CG-11 Patrouillen- und Sicherungsfahrzeug

Based on official information, 39 ATF Dingo 2 GE A2 patrol security vehicles got converted to the variant ATF Dingo 2 GE A2.1 by installing the electronic countermeasure system CG-11. The conversation program started in 2011. Installing the CG-11 jammer requires the removal of rifleman 3`s seat behind the driver. The armament consists of the 360° Type 1530 weapon station with a 7.62mm x 51 MG3A1T machine gun.

Crew: 5
Gross Vehicle Weight: 12.500kg
Military Load Classification: 14
Length: 6.11m
Width: 2.39m
Height with weapon station: 3.02m
Ground Clearance: 0.49m
Grade: 00
Slope: 00


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