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GTK Boxer Fahrschulfahrzeug

For the most effective training of future GTK Boxer drivers, ten special Driver Training Vehicles (Fahrschulfahrzeug, or FahrSFz) were procured and fielded in 2010 for the Driver Training Centre of the Joint Support Services. In the meantime, two additional Driver Training Vehicles were procured. The GTK Boxer Driver Training Vehicle basically consists of an A0-series driving module and a specific mission module for driver training. This module is equipped with an override system for the brakes, accelerator and gearbox, a system that can be removed very easily at any time. Due to these modifications, the military driving instructor can intervene whenever it is necessary. The driver training module is based on a modified infantry carrier mission module, and it consists of the hull with integrated moveable windows in the rear compartment, and a glazed cabin on top offering space for the instructor and a student. Both have special pneumatic suspension seats with seat heating and lumbar support mounted on a height-adjustable platform. In an emergency, the platform will lower automatically to minimize injury to the crew. For effective student training, the driving instructor has a duplicate BAE (Bedien- und Anzeigeeinheit) control-and-display unit. There are two additional student seats in the rear of the module facing forward. At the rear of the mission module is a rectangular storage box plus an air-conditioning unit. On 28 June 2017 the manufacturer ARTEC received an order to upgrade all GTK Boxer Driver Training Vehicles to the A2 variant. This includes the driving module “Fit-for” driver visualization system installation kit, modification of the exhaust gas and cooling airflow, repositioning of the tow cable and driver’s station, covering the rear spotlights, as well as requirements generated by safety workshops like the ABS function check and monitoring the differential lock.

Crew: 1+4
Gross Vehicle Weight: 36,500kg
Military Load Classification: 44
Lenght: 8.10m
Width: 2.99m
Height: 3.64m
Ground Clearance: 0.5m
Grade: 60%
Slope: 30%


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