BW – ESK Mungo

ESK Mungo (1)
ESK Mungo (2)
ESK Mungo (3)
ESK Mungo (4)

Einsatzfahrzeug Spezialisierte Kräfte Mungo

The air-transportable, protected and off-road ESK Mungo can be transported internally and externally by transport helicopters, or airlifted by transport aircraft such as the C-160 Transall, Airbus A400M or C-130 Hercules. In June 2004 the German Defence Committee approved the procurement of 388 vehicles. Series production of ESK Mungo started in the fourth quarter of 2004, with the chassis being built at the Multicar Spezialfahrzeuge plant in Waltershausen, and final assembly taking place in the KMW production plant in Munich. On 2 May 2005 the first series production vehicle ws officially handed over to the Bundeswehr during a roll-out ceremony. The vehicle offers space for a full section of Fallschirmjäger and their personal equipment. The cabin is welded from plates of steel armor. The windscreen and windows are made from bulletproof glass. The cab protects the driver and passenger against the effects of small-arms fire and anti-personnel mines, as well as shrapnel from artillery shells.

Crew: 2+8
Gross Vehicle Weight: 5,260kg
Military Load Classification: 00
Length: 4.75m
Width: 2.14m
Height: 2.44m
Ground Clearance: 0.25m
Grade: 60%
Slope: 30%


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