BW – Manipulatorfahrzeug RC System


Manipulatorfahrzeug RC System

In October 2011 the first two Manipulator Vehicles were sent to Afghanistan for operations as the first component of the German Route Clearance System, and they proved their worth numerous times while clearing suspected areas such as hard clay soil or frozen soil. The MW240 is an unmanned, remote-controlled, tracked machine. A quick-change system at the front of the machine and connections for the Cardan shaft, hydraulic lines and electrical lines are the interface for various attachments. Depending on the attachement, the MW240 can perform different missions like area clearing, IED clearance, obstacle removal, grubbing of soil and wood, digging and light earth operations. A total of seven MW240 has been procured so far.

Crew: Remote Controlled
Gross Vehicle Weight: 7,050kg
Military Loading Class: 00
Length: 4.20m
Width: 1.63m
Height: 2.21m
Climbing: 0.40m
Grade: 30%
Slope: 30%


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