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Pionierpanzer 2A1 Dachs

Beginning in 1989 the German Bundeswehr received 140 Pionierpanzer 2A1 Dachs Armored Engineer Vehicles based on the Leopard 1 chassis. The first vehicle was handed over on 13 April 1989. All of the 140 vehicles were converted from the entire stock of 36 Pionierpanzer 1s already in Bundeswehr service and from 104 of the existing Bergepanzer 2s. They were completel remanufactured with the original crane replaced by a hydraulically operated telecopic excavator arm with a bucket on the end which can be traversed through 195° by two hydraulic pistons mounted one above the other on the side of the superstructure. The armament consists of 7.62mm x 51 MG3 air defence machine gun and the 76mm smoke grenade discharger system with six launchers.

Crew: 3
Gross Vehicle Weight: 43,000kg
Military Load Classification: 48
Length: 8.92m
Width: 3.25m
Height: 2.69m
Ground Clearance: 0.44m
Grade: 60%
Slope: 30%


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