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Bv 206 S Sanitätstrupp

Development of the Bandvagn (Bv) 206 S all-terrain oversnow vehicle which is the successor of the worldwide-known Bv 206 D that was first fielded by Sweden in 1981, started in the late 1980s. At that time, the company AB Hägglund & Söner, in cooperation with the Försvarets Materialverk, was looking for a light, armoured and extremely mobile cross-country vehicle for the Swedish Armed Forces. In October 1994 the Bundeswehr procured a first prototype for trials. In 1997 three additional vehicles were procured. As the trials were very promising, the Bundeswehr ordered 31 Bv 206 S Ambulance versions in 2002, and these were delivered by 2004. Of the 31 vehicles, four were converted to Mobile Physician’s Vehicles in 2007 due to an urgent operational requirement. Based on current plans, 18 Bv 206 S Ambulances should be converted into Bv 206 S Armored Personnel Carriers GebJgGrp NDV in the future. The remaining nine Bv 206 S Ambulances will be converted to Bv 206 S BAT NDV Mobile Physician’s Vehicles. Four of them will go to the German Special Forces of the Kommando Spezialkräfte and five to the Medical Service Command of the German Armed Forces to support the Mountain Infantry Brigade 23 „Bayern“.

The Bv 206 S is a two-piece tracked vehicle whose front and rear tracked units are connected by a complex steering unit. The hydraulically controlled steering unit enables movement of the two tracked units in a horizontal level to steer the vehicle, and in a vertical level for adaptation to possible terrain variations. The Bv 206 S Ambulance can transport up to seven people, three in the front unit and, depending on the number of stretchers, one litter wounded and three seated wounded or two litter wounded in the rear unit. On the other hand, the Bv 206 S Mobile Physician’s Vehicle can transport up to five persons. The front tracked unit offers space for two persons while the rear tracked unit has space for a physician, medic and litter wounded. Equipment in the vehicle is equal to a civilian ambulance and includes diagnostic equipment, reanimation equipment, breathing apparatus, a patient monitor and infusion equipment.

Crew: 3+max. 4
Gross Vehicle Weight: 7,100kg
Military Load Classification: 00
Length: 6.92m
Width: 2.00m
Height: 2.10m
Ground Clearance: 0.35m
Grade: 60%
Slope: 30%


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