BW – Bergepanzer 2 LS EHS

BPz 2A2 (1)
BPz 2A2 (2)
BPz 2A2 (3)
BPz 2A2 (4)

Bergepanzer 2 LS EHS

Following the conclusion of prototype testing, the first production vehicle of the Bergepanzer 2 Armored Recovery Vehicle based on the Leopard 1 chassis was delivered on 9 September 1966. A total of 444 ARVs had been built. The hoist winch operates in conjunction with the crane jib, which is traversable through 270°. The hydraulically operated dozer blade is raised and lowered by two double-acting cylinders housed internally. The upgraded Bergepanzer 2 LS EHS features besides others a reinforced crane with an increased hoist speed and a hydraulic support at the rear right. The removable base is carried on the left side of the superstructure between the access doors. Only 100 of the 444 Bergepanzer 2s were upgraded to the 2 LS EHS configuration. The armament consists of a 7.62mm x 51 MG3 machine gun and a 76mm smoke grenade discharger system with six launchers.

Crew: 3
Gross Vehicle Weight: 44,700kg
Military Load Classification: 43
Length: 7.68m
Width: 3.25m
Height: 2.65m
Ground Clearance: 0.30m
Grade: 60%
Slope: 30%


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