BW – Bergepanzer 3A0 Büffel

BPz 3 Büffel (1)
BPz 3 Büffel (2)
BPz 3 Büffel (3)
BPz 3 Büffel (4)

Bergepanzer 3A0 Büffel

Between 1992 and 1994 the German Bundeswehr procured 75 Bergepanzer 3 Büffel Armored Recovery Vehicles based on the Leopard 2 chassis. The Bergepanzer 3A0 Büffel is fitted with a hydraulic crane which is pivoted 270° at the front of the hull on the right side, a dozer blade and other specialized equipment. The crane has a maximum lifting capability of 30,000kg with the jib reach of 90cm and 7,300kg with 480cm. The Rotzler Treibmatic TR650/3 dual capstan main winch has a pulling force in single pull mode of 34,300kg in the first gear with maximum cable speed of 16 meters per minute or 4,700kg in the second gear with a maximum cable speed of 85 meters per minute. The armament conists of a 7.62mm x 51 MG3A1 anti aircraft machine gun mounted to the 360° commander`s cupola and a 76mm smoke grenades discharger system with sixteen launchers.

Crew: 3
Gross Vehicle Weight: 61,800kg
Military Load Classification: 60
Length: 9.07m
Width: 3.54m
Height: 2.99m
Ground Clearance: 0.45m
Grade: 60%
Slope: 30%


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