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GTK Boxer GrpTrspFzg A2 (1)
GTK Boxer GrpTrspFzg A2 (2)
GTK Boxer GrpTrspFzg A2 (3)
GTK Boxer GrpTrspFzg A2 (4)

GTK Boxer A2 Gruppentransportfahrzeug

The first of 131 GTK Boxer A2 Armored Personnel Carriers should be fielded with the Bundeswehr beginning at the end of 2017.  Parallel all current GTK Boxer A0 and A1 Armored Personnel Carriers should get upgraded to the A2 design status by 2023. Depending on mission requirements the FLW 200 remote weapon station of the vehicle can be armed with a 12.7mm x 99 M2HB QCB machine gun or a Heckler & Koch 40mm x 53 automatic grenade launcher. Additionally a 76mm smoke grenade discharger system with six launchers is attached to the remote weapon station. The upgrade of the chassis to A2 design status includes the “Fit-for” driver visualization system installation kit, modification of the exhaust gas and cooling air flow, repositioning of the towing cable and the driver’s station, and covering of the rear spotlights. In addition, labelling in conformity with the Bundeswehr’s Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) is being introduced. Furthermore, requirements generated by the safety workshop are being implemented, including an ABS function check and monitoring of the differential lock. Modification of the mission module to A2 design status for example encompasses installation of a fire suppression system, AIT labelling, a remotely controlled FLW200 weapon station that can be operated from multiple locations in the vehicle and a revised storage concept.

Crew: 3+7
Gross Vehicle Weight: 36,500kg
Military Load Classification: 43
Length: 8.01m
Width: 2.99m
Height with RWS: 3.37m
Ground Clearance: 0.5m
Grade: 60%
Slope: 30%


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