Gepanzertes Brückenlegesystem Leguan

Gepanzertes Brückenlegesystem Leguan/strong>

Tankograd Publishing
Militärfahrzeug Spezial No. 5086

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In July 2018, the first Leguan armored bridge-laying system was handed over to the Bundeswehr Engineer Corps. The ordered systems are being delivered between 2018 and 2021, enabling the German Armed Forces to cross water and terrain obstacles even with heavy equipment bearing an MLC 80 rating. As the German Army has a total requirement of 31 Leguan bridgelayers, in the middle of 2020 additional 24 systems were ordered which should be fielded from 2023. This publication describes, for the very first time and highly illustrated, this brand new high-tech weapon system of the Geraman land forces.