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06 Nov

Militärfahrzeug Herbst-Winter 2023

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For this issue of Militärfahrzeug, provided reports about the Marder 1A3A1 AFIV with Battle Management System and the Lkw 15 t mil gl MULTI 2.

30 Sep

Niedersachsenritt – Panzergrenadierlehrbataillon 92

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In September 2023, visited 3rd Company of Panzergrenadierlehrbataillon 92 during their Combat Training Exercise Niedersachsenritt at the Schießübungszentrum Panzertruppen in Munster

09 Jul

Marder 1A3A1 BMS AIFV – 4./Panzergrenadierbataillon 391

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This week had the great opportunity to photograph the new service life extended Marder 1A3A1 Battle Management System (BMS) Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) with 3rd Platoon, 4th Company, Panzergrenadierbataillon 391 in Bad Salzungen for an upcoming report in a military magazine.

30 Mai

Wettiner Schwert – Gefechtsübungszentrum des Heeres

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Recently visited the Multinational Battlegroup led by the German 371st Armored Infantry Battalion „Marienberger Jäger“ during their Combat Training Exercise Wettiner Schwert 2023 at the German Army Combat Training Center in the Altmark as part of their VJTF 2023 (L) commitment.

27 Mai

Kampfpanzer Leopard 2A7 – Tankograd Publishing

In NEWS by RalphZwilling / Mai 27, 2023 / 0 Comments wrote this book about the famous German Bundeswehr Leopard 2A7 Main Battle Tank which got recently published by Tankograd Publishing.

By experts considered as the best main battle tank in the world, the Leopard 2 in 2014 reached a vital stage of modernisation: the 2A7. This publication covers the introduction and the many technical improvements of the new 2A7-variant of the Leopard family in great detail. It is the updated and enlarged version of the previous Special 5058 and now for the first time includes all upgrades and modernisation measures carried out on the 2A7 between 2016 and 2019. With this work the gap that existed in available documentations between the first Leopard 2A7 and the new Leopard 2A7V is now closed on sixteen additional pages.

16 Mai

Y – Das Magazin der Bundeswehr – Panzer Special

In NEWS by RalphZwilling / Mai 16, 2023 / 0 Comments supported the new Panzer Special of the Bundeswehr Y magazine with a report about international MBT models.

01 Mai

U.S. Army Rangers – K-ISOM Spezialausgabe I/2023

In NEWS by RalphZwilling / Mai 1, 2023 / 0 Comments supported the new Special Issue I/2023 covering the U.S. Army Rangers published by Kommando – International Special Operations Magazine (K-ISOM) with various high-quality photos of this legendary Special Operations Force

03 Apr

Unterstellungswechsel der 13. niederländischen Brigade unter die 10. Panzerdivision – Veitshöchheim

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On 30 March 2023, had the great opportunity to attend the parade on the occasion of the subordination of the 13th Dutch Light Brigade under the German 10th Armored Division in Veitshöchheim.

During a ceremonial roll call, the Dutch 13th Light Brigade was integrated into the German 10th Armored Division – a major step that moves the two land forces forward together.

Before the change of subordination with about 300 soldiers in the rococo garden of the Veitshöchheim Residence Palace, the Dutch Secretary of Defense Kasja Ollongren and the German Secretary of Defense Boris Pistorius signed a cooperation agreement in the presence of the Commander of the German Army, Lieutenant General Alfons Mais, and the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army, Lieutenant General Martin Wijnen. This document is the official basis for the integration of the Dutch brigade into the German division. It regulates the competencies and responsibilities at various levels within the 10th Armored Division.

The 13th Light Brigade from Oirschot in the Netherlands is one of a total of three combat brigades of the Royal Netherlands Army. It includes the armored infantry battalions „Fusiliers Princss Irene“ and „Limburgse Jagers“ as well as an armored engineer battalion. The brigade is equipped with Bushmaster and Boxer wheeled armored vehicles and Fennek reconnaissance vehicles, the latter two of which are also used by the Bundeswehr.

03 Apr

Das Feldheer hat einen neuen Kommandeur – München

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On 23 March 2023, had the great opportunity to attend the Change of Command Ceremony of our friend Lieutenant General Johann Langenegger to his successor Major General Harald Gante at Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich.

We wish our friend Lieutenant General Johann Langenegger all the best for his upcoming retirement and Major General Harald Gante godspeed for his new position.

(c) Bundeswehr/Marco Dorow
(c) Bundeswehr/Marco Dorow
(c) Bundeswehr/Marco Dorow
26 Mrz

Schwerlasttransporter Elefant 2 & Mammut – Dio-Factory

In NEWS by RalphZwilling / März 26, 2023 / 0 Comments supported this new WalkAround Series Nr. 003 published by Dio-Factory with various high-quality photos