BW – Eagle IV EinsFzg BAT


Eagle IV Einsatzfahrzeug Beweglicher Arzttrupp

To provide the Army Medical Corps with another armoured system – besides the Yak, Transportpanzer 1 and heavy armoured medical vehicle based on the GTK Boxer – for recovering wounded soldiers, the Bundeswehr procured 42 air-conditioned Eagle IV Mobile Physician’s Group Vehicles. These ambulances are used for emergency medical first aid and to transport injured, wounded or sick personnel of all degrees of severity from the area where they were wounded to a treatment Role 1 (first aid station) or Role 2 (medical centre) medical facility. All the while, medical staff can continuously maintain medical
control and monitor and secure a patient’s vital functions.

The three-man crew consists of the driver, paramedic and physician. The vehicle interior offers space for one litter to treat a wounded patient. To assist the movement of wounded and injured personnel into the vehicle and to minimise the medical crew’s workload during loading and unloading operations, the litter can be easily pulled out the back. The paramedic’s seat is mounted to a frame system so it can slide to the back to treat the patient. The physician usually sits behind the driver.

Due to the extensive medical equipment carried by the Eagle IV Mobile Physician’s Group Vehicle, the physician can provide emergency treatment on the move. For example, a first aid rucksack, intubation equipment, refrigerator, injection system, Accuvac suction device, ProPaq vital-function control monitor, defibrillator, two oxygen bottles, vacuum mattress and a recovery blanket are carried aboard.

Crew: 3+1
Gross Vehicle Weight: 9,500kg
Military Load Classification: 00
Length: 5.42m
Width: 2.34m
Height up to top of flashing blue light: 2.70m
Ground Clearance: 0.40m
Grade: 60%
Slope: 30%


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