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Minenräumpanzer Keiler

The Keiler Mine-Clearing Vehicle is the last vehicle based on the M48 Main Battle Tank in the inventory of the German Bundeswehr. Only 24 vehicles were procured. On 30 April 1996, the first Keiler Mine-Clearing Vehicle was delivered, with the 24th and last unit handed over on 21 April 1998. Shortly after its introduction, in the period from 1995-96, the Keiler performed well in the context of humanitarian assistance missions in former Yugoslawia during Implementation Force (IFOR) and Stabilization Force (SFOR) missions, and it acquired a very good reputation. The Keilers task is to create a mine-free lane with its rotating striking mechanism, so it can ensure all operational requirements for mobility, flexibility and ability to execute the missions of mechanized brigades. The armament consists of 76mm smoke grenade discharger system with sixteen launchers.

Crew: 2
Gross Vehicle Weight: 54,000kg
Military Loading Class: 60
Length (during operations): 20.70m
Width (during operations): 6.35m
Height (during road march with antenna): 4.00m
Ground Clearance: 0.39m
Grade: 60%
Slope: 30%


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