GTK Boxer A0/A1/A2 – Das „Mutterschiff“ der deutschen Infanterie

Recently provided Tankograd Publishing a book about the German Army GTK Boxer A0/A1/A2 vehicles.

Since the introduction of the multirole armoured wheeled vehicle GTK Boxer (nicknamed the ‘mothership of the infantry’) no other vehicle family in the Bundeswehr has seen a more intensive modernisation effort.
With the most modern ‘A2’ standard now being fielded the following variants are currently in active service: Armoured Personnel Carrier, Command Vehicle, Heavy Armoured Ambulance Vehicle and Driver Training Vehicle.
This publication covers the history of the entire Boxer-family and goes into extensive detail with its most modern production batches, the A1 and in particular the A2, with many hitherto unpublished in-detail and in-action photos.

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